The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the unpreparedness of many higher education institutions in Africa to migrate online. When the virus first hit the continent, many African governments were scrambling to figure out how best to handle the myriad of challenges it would pose on the socio-economic growth of their countries. Many African governments have had to temporarily close educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19 in their respective countries.


Fortunately, by leveraging our existing partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, & Safaricom, we can enable & support continuous learning by help educational institutions take practical steps toward adopting a blended learning approach in education.


Network Infrastructure

Secure. Reliable. Intelligent. Imagine what’s possible with a network designed for blended & modular learning. Easily manage more data, more mobile users, more applications & more complexity.

  • Prioritize security
  • Provide better experiences
  • Empower your workforce
  • Improve operational efficiency

Microsoft Teams

Make Teams work for you. Add your favorite Microsoft and third-party services or build custom apps for your unique business needs. Enable the best learning possible with help from Microsoft Teams. Collaborate and coordinate in a simple, secure way with chat, video, voice, and education tools all in one hub.

  • Chat from anywhere.
  • Meet from anywhere.
  • Call from anywhere.
  • Collaborate from anywhere.


To ensure successful deployment we provide integration with on-premise IT infrastructure.


As part of operationalization, we provide onsite training and knowledge transfer to your support teams.


Service Level Agreements that satisfy mission critical needs for customers with demanding requirements.

24/7 support

Our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to provide ongoing support & maintenance.