Novel is a certified IBM Business partner with experience across security and analytics products & services. Security and intelligence analysts are often at a loss to uncover hidden connections in disparate data from multiple sources and gain actionable intelligence quickly.

IBM® i2® arms analysts with the advanced analytics and threat intelligence analysis capabilities they need to detect, disrupt and defeat physical and cyber threats coming at them with increasing speed and sophistication.


IBM i2 empowers you to ingest, fuse, and analyze your entire dataset to uncover comprehensive and actionable intelligence to support timely decision making.


IBM i2 Threat Intelligence

The most trusted threat intelligence analysis platform for tackling critical missions across national security and defense, law enforcement, fraud, financial crime and cyber threat hunting.

  • National security & defense
  • Law enforcement
  • Fraud & financial crime
  • Cyber threat hunting

Identity & Access Management

Securely connect every user, API and device to every app inside and outside the enterprise. Identity and access management is essential for securing the hybrid multi-cloud enterprise. Smart, modern identity solutions deliver a frictionless and secure experience for every user — which is foundational for implementing a zero trust strategy.

  • Secure your business
  • Enable digital transformation
  • Establish trust & extend your team

Data Security

Data is the heart of business. It provides a critical foundation for every process and operation of the organization. Protecting data and facilitating secure usage at the speed of business is central to a zero trust strategy — and, more importantly, to deriving value from security.

  • Compliance with diverse privacy regulations
  • Manage operational complexity
  • Contain cybersecurity skills shortage

Security Information & Event Management

Security analysts need centralized visibility to detect, investigate and respond to organization-wide security threats which helps address the most critical threats facing their organization with speed and accuracy. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) has grown in importance for organizations looking to improve their security posture with technology and services.

  • Compliance reporting
  • Insider threats
  • Data exfiltration & phishing attacks


To ensure successful deployment we provide integration with on-premise IT infrastructure.


As part of operationalization, we provide onsite training and knowledge transfer to your support teams.


Service Level Agreements that satisfy mission critical needs for customers with demanding requirements.

24/7 support

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