Cyber-attacks are a serious threat to our economy and national security. Organizations around the world need to be able to defend against known threats, respond to new threats immediately, and quickly recover from cyber incidents, whether they are the result of an accident or Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).

Conventional security detects threats too late (if at all), and resolves them too slowly. It gives security teams a fragmented, incomplete view into what’s going on in their network. It’s passive and blind to broader threat trends. And it reacts too slowly to new threats and changing conditions.


Organizations need a flexible, deeply integrated framework that offers a farreaching view of threats and evolves as quickly as conditions do. Their security architecture must be agile. It must be deeply integrated for an end-to-end view of attacks. It must present a full picture of threats by incorporating internal and external intelligence. And it must take an active Novels’ Cyber Security Solution is an advanced threat protection and breach detection platform that provides industry leading threat visibility and protection against Advanced Persistent Attacks (APTs).

By leveraging our unique technologies and threat intelligence, it detects what other security solutions miss, providing holistic security from the perimeter to the network core. Ideal for next-generation networks that need flexible and scalable deployment options, Novels Cyber Security offerings provide strong security for a myriad of environments and customer needs.

Our Smart Surveillance Solution boasts powerful, intelligent functionalities. These functionalities are embedded with advanced technology to help you integrate your facilities – from branch offices to service centers to Head offices – into a centralized monitoring solution that is easy to implement, manage and integrate.


This helps you conduct effective surveillance of your assets, manage the security of your clients and personnel, protect restricted areas, and secure areas with unwavering reliability. And there's more – our surveillance solutions also improve accountability, efficiency and customer satisfaction for better business.


Crime Deterrence

With powerful management functions including real-time video surveillance and visual alarm data the all-channel information display simplifies management and allows your team to stay on top of everything that is happening.

  • H.265 & H.265+
  • H.264 & H.264+
  • Face Detection
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Exception Detection

Alarm Management

A comprehensive alarm center module displays alarm lists, GIS information, and up 16 video streams of video surveillance simultaneously on-screen.

  • Alarm Escalation
  • Alarm Response via Mobile App

Health Monitoring

Complex systems require regular status checks. Nevertheless, minor errors happen from time to time. With the health monitoring module, a security team no longer needs to check on device status one by one – every bit of information you need is on the dashboard, displayed in an intuitive and clear manner.

Find and fix flagged devices using the error list, and manage multiple systems on a single, centralized dashboard.

  • Interactive Error Search & Control
  • Centralized Dashboard
  • Data Encryption

Audit Trail

For security managers, it is important to not only receive alarms for errors, but also review the error log to ensure there’s no malicious attempts to sabotage the system. With the audit trail function, all logs are in one place.

What’s more, filters help you to search for and find specific records quickly and accurately.

  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Investigation & Remediation


To ensure successful deployment we provide integration with on-premise IT infrastructure.


As part of operationalization, we provide onsite training and knowledge transfer to your support teams.


Service Level Agreements that satisfy mission critical needs for customers with demanding requirements.

24/7 support

Our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to provide ongoing support & maintenance.