We design and deploy high end data centers and server solutions to meet the most challenging customer requirements whilst complying with international industry standards. We offer a variety of single aisle and double aisle data center configurations each featuring a modular design that provides for quick deployment and high scalability.

With functions such as pre-alarm and battery failure auto-shutdown, environment adaptability with dehumidification at a constant temperature, our data center designs ensure safe operation of IT equipment.


The aisle containment design isolates hot and cold air flows to eliminate hotspots while closely coupled cooling reduces Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of a single module to as low as 1.245. A modular, standardized architecture enabled on-demand deployment; integrated power supply and distribution saves space; and remote, local, and mobile Intelligent management simplifies Operations and Maintenance.

We go further and equip the data center with appropriate servers and storage solutions. With channel partnerships from HP, Dell, IBM and Lenovo we are able to install high-end servers and storage sytems that meet challenging business needs. Each data center is deployed with high availability to ensure business continuity and can be configured to host private or hybrid clouds.


Modular Deployment

Streamlined design & deployment saves space by integrating cabinets, power supply and distribution, chilled-water cooling, cabling, management, and other subsystems into one module.

  • Single aisle deployment
  • Double aisle deployment
  • Intelligent management

Space Saving

Integrated uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution unit (PDU), monitoring, and cooling systems into a single converged cabinet halves the installation space required compared with traditional construction modes.

  • Integrated power
  • Integrated backup
  • Integrated cooling

Proven Reliability

A mobile app, Short Message Service (SMS) alarms, and remote web platforms provide centralized monitoring for multiple modules, and facilitate unattended Operations and Maintenance (O&M), with local unified management also possible on a ten inch screen.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Mobile App Console
  • SMS Integration


To ensure successful deployment we provide integration with on-premise IT infrastructure.


As part of operationalization, we provide onsite training and knowledge transfer to your support teams.


Service Level Agreements that satisfy mission critical needs for customers with demanding requirements.

24/7 support

Our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to provide ongoing support & maintenance.